In 2009, there was a huge upset in the vinyl roofing industry with the green movement. Sika Sarnafil has always been a leader in sustainability, but the time came – driven by current affairs – to shine a hard light on the sustainable benefits of Sika Sarnafils vinyl roofing systems over other, more harmful products. 

To tell the whole story, we decided to launch a multi-phased campaign based on the company's 4 pillars of sustainability, with an umbrella message of  "Performance that Pays, Sustainability that's Smart".


Under this new effort, we wanted to give voice to the campaign so we developed a mascot character dubbed Captain Vinyl to help educate our audience with interactive games and more. An internal rollout that included a message from the president, mousepads, mugs etc. to introduce the concept and language to employees.

The campaign evolved in 2010, bringing to the campaign a dedicated microsite, a string of new print ads, banner ads, and trade show marketing with a What It Takes fulfillment piece and a sustainability challenge game hosted by Captain Vinyl that challenged your knowledge on what it takes to meet your sustainability goals in the roofing industry.

Challenge Kiosk_commatrix.jpg

Online Banner Ads static and animated


How Does Your Roof Rate fulfillment


Print Campaign

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Promise Ad_2.jpg
Promise Ad_4.jpg
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DM Campaign

What It Takes fulfillment


Targeted messaging example for government compliance


In further support of the sustainable nature behind Sika's products, Sarnafil achieved the highest certification to NSF/ANSI 347 Sustainability Assessment for Single Ply Roofing Membranes, we created a short video to go along with some digital and print ad placements — just one more reason why Sarnafil roofing systems provide peace of mind every day.